Here is a redwood top ready for the rosette to be glued.Havn Guitars is pleased to offer high-end, hand crafted guitars built to the specifications of the musician.  Guitar styles include several models of steel string guitars, electric and lap steel guitars.  Havn Guitars offers a rich and balanced voice with appealing design features.  Hand building guitars at this scale allows for a lighter, more vibrant sounding instruments.  Quality of sound is the guiding principle of our designs.  Each piece of wood used in the building process is chosen specifically to find the balance between bass, mid-range and treble.  Special attention is paid to the responsiveness to touch and the clarity of sound of each instrument.  We look forward to working closely with our customers to create the instrument that fits the musician.  We are located in Canterbury,New Hampshire.  If you would like to know more about Havn Guitars, you can email us at