Set up time

The bridge has just been released from the clamps.The bridge is in the process of having the saddle routed into it.  Now, the work of intonation and set up begins, taking it slow and easy makes the difference. 



Close to making music.

Here's a look at a repair in the shop.  This is an old parlor guitar that the bridge failed, breaking in two pieces.  The bracing inside the guitar were also damaged.  With a few more hours the set up of the strings will be finished.  The slot for the saddle in the bridge will be cut in place using a shop made jig.  


Canterbury Artisans website is now up!

A group of artists in town have been working together to launch a website that highlights some of our local talent we have in our wonderful town. Havn Guitars is featured, come check us out at 

Plan a trip to Canterbury and stop by to see Havn Guitars, call ahead or drop by during our posted hours, I'd love to show you what we have been working on.


Curly Cherry

 Here is a pic of the back after the sealer coat.  The curly cherry really pops out with the sealer coat and gives a good indication as to how it will look after all the finish is applied.  Hope you enjoy the photos, more to come soon.


The Second Half

 Here is a pic from the shop this morning.  I've been finishing guitars with Tru-oil finish for years, but I recently found a product called Hard Shellac.  Lacquers are the more common finish when it come to steel string guitars.  Lacquer has a hard surface that doesn't react to water or alcohol, but they are extremely toxic during the application stage.  An expensive proposition for a small shop, you need equipment, the space, and perfect ventilation.  Shellacs are a little more shop friendly, and hard shellac when fully cured acts more like a lacquer.  This guitar has a redwood top with curly cherry back and side.  The bridge and fret board areas are masked off for gluing at a later stage.  The sealer coats of finish were put on yesterday, and scuff sanded last night.  Today will be a couple more coats to build up the finish on the top.  Welcome to the second half of the project.