A Cheap Scraper

The neck for the parlor guitar in final stages of carving.In the last few months, I have highlighted a couple of tools that have made a great deal of difference in how things come together in the shop.  Today, I thought I would show a little tool that makes detailing in tight areas a cinch.  I find that a metal scraper doesn't cut the end grain of the heal very well.  They are kind of big for the space you are working, and the finished surface isn't really smooth.  A small piece of glass works very well in carving a heal.  The glass stays sharp longer, and is a lot easier to control around the various curves of the neck.  Exercise caution when using glass as a scraper, putting tape over the edges that are not in use is a good solution for saving hands and fingers.




Another New Jig.

Pic of my new binding jig, fits to the base of my Porter Cable laminate trimmer.In December I had a chance to try my new binding jig on the parlor guitar.  My last jig I had cobbled together with mdf and plywood.  That jig has since taken a dive off of one of the shop shelves.  With the help of A good friend of mine, same one who milled the bridge clamp, we took my original design and improved on it.  The design is close to where I started but with better materials.  This should last much longer than the last jig. 


The Guild of New Hampshire Exhibition

As members of The Guild of New Hampshire Woodworkers, we have been invited to participate in an exhibition of fine woodwork and art. Running from January 5 to January 28 the show will take place at the New Hampshire Technical Institute Library in Concord NH. We have chosen to exhibit one of our Havn Guitar Jumbo Medium steel String Acoustics. This instrument features an Adirondack (red) Spruce front, Mayan Walnut back and sides; ebony head plate veneer, fret board and bridge and maple bindings. This piece is available for sale at this exhibition. For more information about this instrument or the exhibition, please contact us at this site or via email.


We are Lego!

Havn Guitar is pleased to sponsor the Belmont Middle School Robotics Team, "We are Lego". Our son Patrick has been involved in Robotics and Lego League for some time. We competed on November 13th at The UNH First Lego League Robotics Tournament. The boys performed well and had a great time, a bonus was winning the Technical award which moves us on to the finals on December 4th. "We are Lego", an obvious Devo reference, will compete in Manchester at the First Lego League New Hampshire State finals. Havn Guitars is happy to support such a great group of boys. Find out more about First and the First Lego League at 


New Clamping Jig


Here is a new bridge jig that a friend of mine milled for me.  It was a copy of a plywood jig that I had used in the past. 

This jig really helps to secure the bridge with confidence.  The narrow posts can be turned with a screwdriver to put pressure on the bridge wings.

You can find bridge clamps like this one in guitar tool catalogs, but they don't fit the shape of the bridges that I carve by hand.  The guitar pictured with the jig is the #1 prototype built from the medium jumbo form.  A good guinea pig for a test run of the clamp.