Our First Global Publication!

We are pleased to announce that Yankee Magazine has featured us in the May/June 2012 "Best of New England" issue. We will post a link as soon as it becomes available but the magazine is on newsstands now! We are thrilled to have this exposure and honor. Check us out on page 36-37.


Simple things

Reinstalling strings on a refret job to a Gibson Les PaulSometimes, things do not work the way I would like them to.  The simple string winder for example, does not fit all tuning machines, some are a better fit than others.  When the winder is a poor match to the machines, frustration builds.  I know its not a huge issue, but if you are doing this on a regular basis, it becomes noticeable and you want to fix in some way.  One solution would be "buy a new winder", that's a valid solution if you were not in the middle of a repair and you didn't want to wait.  My solution, was to take a piece of chamois cloth cut to 1" x 2" , fold it in half and put over the tuner knob, then put the winder over the chamois.  A perfect fit on any tuning machine I have dealt with since.  It's the simple things that we fix in our day that makes easier to deal with the bigger picture.   


New Hampshire Open Doors!

We are pleased to announce that Havn Guitars is participating in New Hampshire Open Doors on the weekend of November 5 and 6. This wonderful event invites you to travel the scenic roads of New Hampshire and visit the studios and workshops of woodworkers, artisans and craftspeople. Come see Erik in his shop; buy a Havn T shirt (available in a variety of sizes) or a guitar pick with our logo. We are happy to participate with The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen, New Hampshire Made and the Council on New Hampshire Cultural Resources. Go to the Open Doors NH website, click on Merrimack County and see Havn Guitars information and directions and information. Follow the signs and pick up a map to visit other shops and stores in our area. You could spend the whole day right here in Canterbury!



Old tool, New use.

In the search to find a way to bend small pieces of binding, an unlikely tool kept coming up.  The curling iron in the photo is what was used to bend the maple pieces to fit around the head stock and fret board details.  This method works well after a far amount of experimenting.  Clamping the handle in a vise allows you to use the iron like a bending pipe.  Small pieces of aluminium flashing works as backing for the wood to save from splitting.  


Have a look!

A pic of the parlor guitar close to completion, in the testing phase.Here Is the pic of this week.  This is the new Parlor size guitar that is nearly finished.  Many of the small details left to complete are not visible in the picture, nor do they effect the sound of the guitar.  Now comes the time to try out this new shape and see if passes for a Havn Guitar.  Time to do some finger exercises, and maybe call in a couple extra ears to see and hear the results.  Have a good day, I certainly will.